Oneness: Don't Just Talk About It. Be About It.

When shit starts to get real—politically, socially, culturally—I often hear things like “we are all one” and “don’t fight hate with hate” and “show compassion” and other equally annoying spiritual catch-phrases.

Let me be clear. 

It’s not that I don’t believe that we are, in fact, all one; or that we shouldn’t fight hate with hate; or that compassion is important—my issue with this rhetoric is how it’s often used to silence those of us who are experiencing real violence and doing our best to cope with, make sense of, heal from and, perhaps even, transcend it. These messages pop up before anyone has even had a chance to really process their emotions and the sub-text is often, “would you shut up about it already? It’s killing my vibe.”

The reality is, oneness is important. Remembering our true nature as expressions of the divine who are part of (and belong to) each other is essential. However, we often forget that we’re not quite there yet. Our journey back to oneness is just that, a journey, and it’s going to take some time.

In today’s video I share my thoughts on oneness and offer 3 tips on how we can practice (and talk about) it with more compassion.

I hope this video serves you.

Love & Light,