Welcome to Demetria Jackson Yoga Online

A monthly subscription to unlimited on-demand body positive, trauma informed, holistic anatomy infused kundalini yoga & meditation classes. All experience levels and bodies are welcome (including complete beginners to yoga).

Check out the welcome video below to learn more about the studio and my motivation for creating it. 

Hey! I'm Demetria.

A bigger bodied, trauma conscious kundalini yoga teacher currently living in Toronto. My specialty is in creating safe, transformative body positive yoga classes for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. I keep my classes creative, fun and informative by incorporating new yoga anatomy knowledge into all my kundalini yoga classes so that you can get more results from your practice each and every time.


Expect Miracles. Seriously.

Kundalini Yoga is an incredibly powerful, dynamic and comprehensive style of yoga that creates miraculous shifts in less time than any other style of yoga.

Many people who have experienced kundalini yoga have reported a dramatic reduction of anxiety, tension, and stress; better sleep; more energy, strength, and capacity; and greater flow and synchronicity…even after just one class!

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you join Demetria Jackson Yoga Online:



Each week, I’ll share a new class with you. Classes range anywhere between 3 minutes to 90 minutes. The first week of the month, I’ll share a new pranayama (breath meditation/breathing technique) with you so that you have a go-to strategy whenever the inevitable stressors show up throughout your month. During the second week, we’ll cure that mid-month slump with a new kriya (yoga asana practice) to energize you and help you move tension, anxiety and fatigue out of the body so that you can finish the month strong. During the third week we’ll play with our capacity for radical self-expression through mantra and explore the effects of the sacred sound current. Finally, during last week, I’ll share a tutorial to help you refine some of the techniques you learned throughout the month.



One of the best things about being a member of an online yoga studio is that you can take a class whenever you want, no matter the time. You have full, unrestricted, on-demand 24/7 access & convenience based on your schedule and goals



This is a community driven platform where you get to tell me what you want to see and I deliver. You can let me know what topics you’d like to see addressed in a variety of different ways that you’ll learn more about once your registration is complete.



Because this site caters to creating body positive, accessible practices for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities, you can expect a wide range of classes on this platform as we continue to grow. Classes vary in a variety of different ways including length/duration, skill/level, and topic.



The DJY community gives you plenty of opportunities to deepen your own practice. For example, every other month I facilitate a 40 day community sadhana where you can choose to practice a particular meditation or kriya with me, everyday, for 40 days. Practicing a meditation (or kriya) for 40 days allows you to break habits/existing patterns and explore aspects of yourself that you may have never explored before.


This practice will transform the way you see yourself, your body, and your lived experiences. It will clarify your purpose and will give you the courage, the inspiration, and the willpower to fulfill it.

Sign up today and you’ll…

  • Feel more confident in yourself and in your body
  • Become a magnet for miracles—manifesting miraculous opportunities for love, wealth, career and health
  • Become part of a growing community of inspired, engaged and wildly supportive body positive conscious activists and light workers
  • Feel more free than you’ve felt in months (or even years!)

You'll also get access to all these amazing classes and so much more.


Membership Options

There are two great options to choose from when considering membership to the online yoga studio.


monthly membership

$8.00 / month

The monthly membership option is for you if you're new to Kundalini Yoga and want to give it a try. With this membership, you'll receive: 

● Unlimited access to kundalini yoga and meditation classes for less than half the cost of one regular yoga class!

● Free access for the first month

● Yoga in the comfort of your own home (or from anywhere around the world!)


annual membership

$88.00 / year

Choose the annual membership if you're craving for a shift and are ready to dive deeply into this radical practice. Annual members receive the following benefits:

● 1 year unlimited on-demand access to all kundalini yoga and meditation classes

● One month of savings

● An exclusive 50-75% discount off all of Demetria's digital programs


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