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The Ultimate Guide to the Aquarian Age

Wednesday August 1, 2018  •  Uncategorized


Every two thousand years, time moves us backward through the astrological signs, into a new age. From approximately 1 A.D. to the year 2,000, we were in the Piscean Age which, at its worse, was an age characterized by religious fanaticism, hierarchies and secrecy. This was an age where people could get away with a great number of things; where they could (and in some cases, had to) establish a persona—a mask to show to the world and be known by; where they sought after God outside of themselves; and where people were exploited, devalued, ranked and oppressed based on their gender, skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, (dis)abilities, age, class and more. But, the times are changing...


I’ve gotta be honest with you. In my last post, I talked all about why I love being an entrepreneur and why I think it’s important for you to make money doing what you’re passionate about, but the reality is being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. So today, I’m giving you my top 7 honest-to-god, reasons why the entrepreneurial lifestyle might not be right for you. 

7 Reasons You Should Start an Online Business

Thursday June 28, 2018  •  Lightwork

We've gotta talk about your career — specifically, we've gotta talk about trading in the career you have, for the career you desperately desire.

You might be thinking "My career isn't that bad. Decent income. Good benefits. I'm one of the lucky ones." But, do you really want to settle on a career that "isn't that bad" for the rest of your life? You and I both know you deserve better. 

With the transition into The Aquarian Age, we have been blessed with the chance to not only bare witness to the birth and evolution of a new economy, but to help shape it as well. Thanks to the growth and expansion of tools like the internet and other systems and technologies that exist because of it, this new economy gives us a new way of earning money and being able to support ourselves and our families. There has never been a better time in history than right now to be your own boss, share your gifts, and prosper wildly from it, especially for those of us who identify as activists, lightworkers, and/or healers. 

So today, I'm sharing with you the top 7 reasons why I love being an entrepreneur, and why I know you will too.



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