You are an Aquarian Woman.

The archetype of the Divine Feminine being called forward NOW, in the Aquarian Age.

And me?

I'm here to support your transition as you dive fully into this next chapter of your life and spiritual evolution.

Take my hand, sis. Let's dive.

You are at a threshold.


The brink of a breaking point. The edge of a major life decision. The precipice of transformation.

You’re searching desperately for an answer, some guidance, preferably an easy way out.

You hear your soul calling out to you. Inviting you to your own initiation, your divine awakening, your spiritual unfolding. And... you’re terrified because you know that once you make this decision, once you take this leap, once you embrace uncertainty, there's no going back.

Deep breath. 


But you are resilient and you will survive this.

Sure, it might be hard and painful and scary and inconvenient, but you and I both know that your silence will not protect you and the security blanket of certainty is not worth your liberation.


You are an Aquarian Woman.


A woman who doesn’t just seek freedom, but claims it as her own.

A woman who lives by her own rules, who is confident, and who refuses to be held back, restricted and crushed under the weight of other people’s expectations.

You are an Aquarian Woman.


An ocean of cosmic intelligence.

A sage of life who forges her own spiritual path.

A woman with extrasensory perception, who can see right past the bullshit in any situation.

You are an Aquarian Woman.


Incarnated on purpose to expand consciousness and elevate humanity.

A freedom fighter, a lightworker, a spiritual activist.

A woman who is strong, untameable, and unapologetic when sharing her truth.


You are an Aquarian Woman and the time is now to set yourself free.


Welcome Sis, I'm Demetria.

Women's Liberation & Activist Wellness Coach.
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher.
Spiritual Guide & Facilitator of Sacred Spaces.


I work with rebellious women in revolutionary bodies who want to set themselves free and inspire others to do the same.

This includes trans women (because ... women) or anyone who identifies as such in a significant way.

On the surface, my work is about helping you make difficult decisions — decisions that liberate, that build courage, that help you expand.

But really? I’m committed to supporting you in discovering, owning, and embodying your divine purpose as a healer, lightworker, activist, leader.

Because while individual liberation is important, collective liberation is our deepest truth.


More About Me:

I’m all for inconvenient truths — truths that awaken consciousness and inspire courageous action. 

I like my spirituality with a side of pragmatism because action is a prerequisite for transformation. 

I believe in tenderness and compassion and forgiveness and grace because "hurt people hurt people"… and we’re all hurting.

I’m an introvert. An empath. A deeply intuitive and sensitive woman. I'm also a mother. A feminist. And fiercely pro-choice.

I believe in God and magic and sadhana and love. And that we can access our greatest gifts by illuminating our deepest wounds.

I share yoga and meditation and prayer and ritual as sacred tools for change to open hearts, change minds, and connect us beyond our differences.

My soapbox message is always “embodiment matters” because the way we are incarnated, and the bodies that we have, inform the way we see, experience and participate in the world.

At the end of the day, I just want to keep reminding you that YOU are the answer to your prayers. Your own call to action. The light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m committed to making sure that you know that you are not alone. Because I know what it’s like to be stuck in a situation you have no idea how to get yourself out of. I know what it’s like to feel lonely, immobilized by fear and trapped inside a world of ‘what ifs’. And I also know how to get out, how to cross the threshold and take that leap of faith. And sis, I can’t wait to help you do the same.