Demetria Jackson is a body acceptance and self-care educator, level 3 reiki practitioner and plus-sized, trauma sensitive, kundalini yoga instructor, who is passionate about creating and holding space for people who are learning how to come home to, make peace with, and fall in love with their bodies.


In all of her classes, Demetria creates a grounding, consent-based and shame-free atmosphere that gives you permission to explore your body at whatever depth feels safe for you. Frequently working with beginners, clients in larger bodies and clients with a variety of bodily constraints and disabilities, Demetria loves to show others how to use props and modifications to support their practice and work with their unique body, rather than against it.

Committed to breaking down the barriers to accessing yoga, Demetria offers affordable online yoga classes via her virtual studio, Demetria Jackson Yoga. She also regularly offers free/by donation classes, yoga in youth shelters and works with Freeing the Human Spirit and the John Howard Society to share this transformative practice with men in Toronto Detention Centres.

Demetria’s known for her high-vibe playlists and soulful classes that open the heart centre and challenge the body and the mind giving her students the opportunity to release blocks, heal themselves and experience radical transformation.


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