Birth Chart Readings - $108

Unpack your birth chart with Demetria!

Your birth chart is an astrological snapshot of the stars at the moment you were born. It reveals numerous details about your identity, essence and nature; sheds light on the divine gifts you've been given, and; provides context for the cosmic challenges or lessons that support your spiritual evolution.  

When you purchase a reading with Demetria, you’ll receive a series of pre-recorded videos that organize the information revealed in your birth chart into 4 main parts. 

  • Video 1: Identity & Essence (including who you are and how you want to be seen, your unique approach to life & emotional nature, elements, qualities, general vibe and disposition, values)

  • Video 2: Love & Relationships (intimacy, romance, family, friendships, community connections, children + family planning, sex + sexuality, communication + conflict management) 

  • Video 3: Livelihood & Lifestyle (career, personal finances, fun + adventure, reputation + life goals, home, travel, play, creativity, education)

  • Video 4: Body & Wellness (including your approach to mental and physical health, emotional wellness, exercise, and self-care)



Solar Return / Birthday Readings - $75


Every year, the transiting Sun returns to the same sign, degree and minute of your natal Sun (i.e., where the Sun was located at the time of your birth). This invigorates and revitalizes the Sun’s energy and sets the direction and foundation for the year ahead.

In this reading, Demetria will give you insight into the major themes for the year ahead, including: which areas of life will be emphasized; where opportunities for spiritual growth, prosperity, and overall fulfillment will be available; what challenges or problems may be experienced, why, and specific strategies for overcoming them.

The reading will be broken down into the following areas: Major Themes/Chart Overview, Love & Relationships, Livelihood & Lifestyle (i.e., Money, Career & Fun), and Body & Wellness.



Solar/Lunar Eclipse Readings - $30

Curious about what this season of eclipses on the Capricorn-Cancer axis have in store for you? In this reading, Demetria will clarify and contextualize the messages and opportunities for growth within all 3 eclipses this year. Grab this personalized reading for $30.