#002. Kundalini Yoga Tutorial: Balasana (Baby Pose) for Bigger Bodies

In a Kundalini Yoga class, balasana (baby pose) often appears for one of two reasons: it's either used as an intentional rest pose in between asanas or it's part of the kriya. When it's part of the actual kriya it's there for one (or more) of four reasons: 1) connecting with your sixth chakra (ajna), sixth body (arcline) and intuition; 2) stimulating the endocrine system by putting pressure on/stimulating the pituitary gland; 3) stimulating digestion by putting pressure on your digestive organs; or 4) cultivating the art of surrendering/leading with the heart. It's a beautiful pose with a ton of benefits, but it's often inaccessible for people in larger bodies and/or people with knee constraints. 

In this week's episode of Body Acceptance Made Easy, I offer prop and prop-free ways to practice this pose that maintain the integrity of the kundalini teachings. If you've ever wondered why your head can't reach the floor in this pose or why it doesn't feel as "restful" as everyone claims it is, this video is for you! 

Once you've had a chance to watch this week's tutorial, I'd love to know:

What is your favourite variation for practicing balasana?

Post your response in the comments section below AND if you happen to know someone who could benefit from the body positive tip I shared in this week's video, please share it with them. 

Thanks for watching and I'll "see" you next week!