#004. Self Care Tips for New Moms

Since I gave birth to my baby, Kayden, in April I've received a few questions from anxious, exhausted, and frustrated mamas about how to find time to self-care when you're whole world revolves around taking care of a newborn.

As a new mom, I have gone (and still am going) through my fair share of emotional ups and downs. I think the biggest shift I've had to navigate (emotionally and mentally) is realizing that "me" time, as I know it, is very hard to come by. I find myself longing for the days when I could work for hours on end without interruption or when I could just make a decision to go out for the day without having to plan my outings around nursing and nap times...but the reality is that nothing is permanent and change is inevitable. This is the new reality that I chose, willingly, and I know that the freedom I enjoyed before I had my angel baby will come back to me again at some point. Instead of fighting against my new reality, I have decided to find the ease in the discomfort and the stillness in the chaos. 

In this week's vlog, I talk about how new moms have to practice self care differently and I offer 3 tips for making that transition with more ease and less stress. I hope you find them helpful!