You Are Loved

Dear Aquarian Woman,

You are loved.
Even when you don’t believe it.
When the majority of your experiences tell you otherwise.
When you’re let down again for the umpteenth time.
You are loved.

You are loved.
Even when she breaks your heart
Or he leaves you for another woman.
And the universe takes it all away
Just when you’ve gotten attached.
You are loved.

You are loved
Even when you piss them off
When you refuse to remain silent
And you trade in your yes for a jaw dropping HELL NO.
You are loved.

Whether you feel loved by many.
Or loved by few.
The Truth remains the same…
You are loved.

And you will continue to be loved.
Even when you stop seeking their approval
Or you speak an inconvenient truth
And you disrupt the social norm.
You will still be loved.

You will always be loved.
Even when you resist change,
Or keep repeating the same patterns
Or ignore your cosmic marching orders to evolve
And make everyone else your collateral damage.
You will still be loved.


Do not put your life on hold
Do not stop yourself from making an important decision
Do not run from saying what desperately needs to be said
At the risk of losing love.
Because love never leaves.

Love never leaves.

Love NEVER leaves.

And you will always be loved.

Meditation for Self-Animosity


In this video, I share one of my favourite kundalini meditations for building self-compassion. Practice this the next time you're hard on yourself and start going down the cycle of self-judgement. We all make mistakes. We are all capable of hurting and of being hurt. It doesn't make us any less worthy of love or compassion.

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