About The Book


Release Date: TBD

In her debut book, The Aquarian Woman, womenโ€™s liberation coach and kundalini yoga teacher, Demetria Jackson posits that the world will be set free by the Aquarian Woman โ€” the woman incarnated on purpose to support the transition and evolution of humanity into the Aquarian Age. Her mission? To teach women how to set themselves free so they can inspire others to do the same.  

In The Aquarian Woman, Demetria masters the art of spiritual pragmatism by seamlessly weaving the โ€œwooโ€ and the how-tos, creating a lasting resource and holistic guide of personal and collective liberation for the political activist and spiritual seeker alike.

In the first section of the book, Demetria reveals her 7 principles of liberation for the Aquarian Age. In the second section, she teaches readers how to apply these principles to their daily lives by taking  them on a 40-day radical journey of personal transformation, healing some of the most pressing issues women are faced with today including: body image, burnout, self-confidence, work, relationships and money.

A journey rooted in soulful, feminine wisdom and infused with the teachings of kundalini yoga & meditation, The Aquarian Woman is a right-of-passage; an initiation into wholeness that connects you to your innate power and rebuilds your sense of self as a woman, leader, healer, sister, lover, mother, creator, changemaker.