November 18th - December 2nd, 2018


Relationships that Liberate is an online course meant specifically for those interested in building healthy, authentic and conscious relationships with others. 

Over a period of 3 weeks, I will offer you a relationship roadmap based on the principles outlined in my new book The Aquarian Woman: A 40 Day Guide to Unlearning Fear, Staying Human and Experiencing Collective Liberation in the Aquarian Age for:

  • Overcoming fear and insecurities in interpersonal relationships

  • Building healthy, resilient, authentic and revolutionary relationships; and

  • "Doing" relationships in a way that disrupts the status quo and subverts traditional power structures

This course begins November 18th, 2018. 

Week 1: What Oppression Teaches Us About Love, Relationships and Communication (November 18)

In Week 1, I will guide to you to look closely at the ways systems of oppression have influenced the way you relate to both yourself and others. You'll learn how to recognize wounds that perpetuate harmful communication and connection patterns in both yourself an others. 

Week 2: How to Bust Through the 3 Blocks to Relationship Liberation (November 25)

In Week 2, I'll share the 3 blocks to liberation as it applies to our relationships with ourselves and others. You'll also learn specific steps you can take to bust through these blocks so you can feel good about every relationship you're in.

Week 3: 7 Principles of Liberation for Any Relationship (December 2)

In Week 3, you'll learn how to apply my 7 principles of liberation to any relationship you're in. These principles will teach you how to love consensually, communicate intentionally, and consistently disrupt the status quo in all aspects of interpersonal relationships. 

Quick facts about this workshop: 

▶︎ When is it? This course starts on November 18th and ends December 8th.

▶︎ How will it be delivered? This course will be delivered in pre-recorded video modules each week, here, in The Aquarian Woman Freedom School. 

▶︎ Who is this for? I created this training for women who are tired of being in shitty relationships. Women who have been taught not to trust themselves and who feel trapped inside a relationship they’ve long since outgrown. I created this for women who are so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that they rarely have time to take care of their own. Women who feel depleted — physically, mentally, emotionally. I created this for the woman who wants nothing more than to feel whole. I created this for you. 

▶︎ How much does it cost? This course is FREE for members of The Aquarian Woman Freedom School and $29.99 for non-members until November 18th, 2018. After that, the course fee will jump to $99.99.

▶︎ How long will I have access to this training? All non-members of The Aquarian Woman Freedom School will receive lifetime access to the course. If you join The Aquarian Woman Freedom School before December 31, 2018, you will also receive lifetime access to the course. After that, it will be placed in The Aquarian Woman Freedom School Course Vault which will only be accessible for annual and lifetime members.

▶︎ What’s your refund policy? Refunds are not available on this course. Please shop mindfully.