Sat Nam Sweet Soul! 

Thank you for joining The Aquarian Woman Freedom School. I am both deeply humbled and honoured by your presence. 

Before we begin our journey together, I'd like to ask you a few questions so that I can get to know you better.

Please fill out this intake form/questionnaire and review the 'commitments and agreements' below.

I am the only person who will see your responses. So, dig deep. Be honest. 

Your secrets are safe with me.  

Intake Questionnaire

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Mailing Address
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Date of Birth
In other words, what do you hope participating in Freedom School will do for you?
Please be sure to add: 1) How long you've been practising; 2) Where & how often you currently practice; 3) Whether or not you've participated in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training / How often you teach; 4) If you've ever participated in a 40 day sadhana before.
If so, please describe.
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Would you like me to pair you up with an another woman in the program for added support and accountability? *

Commitments & Agreements

The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is an opportunity to transform at a rapid pace. It gives you the tools to heal your relationships wounds from the past, so you don’t project them onto the present.

As you heal and liberate yourself, so will you heal and liberate seven generations behind you and seven generations beyond you. That is the promise of Kundalini Yoga. 

Kundalini yoga and meditation is a process that will unleash and release what is no longer needed. It works fast and deeply and it will connect you to your higher consciousness. 

Take a moment to go through these agreements. Do not rush. Read them. Sit with them. Take your time. Deep breath... *
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