an online sanctuary for soulful, diverse, purpose-driven women carving unconventional paths to liberation at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.  



: More time
: More space
: More pleasure
: More intimacy
: More confidence

: More freedom
: More adventure
: More connection
: More wellness
: More money



: Do more
: Live more

: Create more
: Serve more




The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is an online sanctuary for soulful, diverse, purpose-driven women carving unconventional paths to liberation at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.

A community rooted in soul-centered, feminine wisdom, The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is a right-of-passage; an initiation into wholeness that connects you to your innate power and rebuilds your sense of self as a woman, leader, healer, sister, lover, mother, creator, changemaker. 


Whether your journey is about freeing yourself from the cycle of burnout, creating a career with purpose, or ending a relationship that you’ve long since outgrown, what you will experience on your journey is completely unique and exactly what you need to enter the next phase of your person evolution. That said, after helping past clients implement the same self-mastery tools that I’ll be offering you in Freedom School, I’ve witnessed women:

Relax, release stress, and build resilience and vitality

  • Make peace with their body and finally know what it’s like to feel good enough.

  • Heal relationship wounds and romantic karma.

  • Release money trauma and increase their net worth

  • Move away from scarcity and depletion to abundance and prosperity

  • Awaken their creative potential and unblock their manifesting power; and

  • Emancipate themselves from the cycle of self-sabotage

Liberating yourself in service of making the world a better place requires boldness, courageous action and fierce commitment.

The journey to personal liberation is intense, challenging and anything but linear. If you're willing, The Aquarian Woman Freedom School will give you the guidance and tools you need to support you on your journey.



As a creator of holistic healing spaces and a leader of revolutionary freedom journeys, I create communities where women feel empowered to live the life they wish to live.

But I wasn’t always able to hold space for women in this way.



Kundalini Yoga came to me at a point in my life when I had reached my metaphysical bottom. I had spent years suffering in silence while doing my best to cope with symptoms I, at the time, had no language for. I later learned that my experiences could be summed up with four words— anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia.

For years, my mind was in a complete state of chaos. Every conversation I had and connection I made left me feeling triggered. Getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night was a privilege that came once in a blue moon and having enough energy to get myself out of bed the next morning was never a guarantee. I developed unhealthy obsessions about my body and abused it in ways that left me feeling ashamed, isolated, and completely powerless.  

After a year of practicing Kundalini Yoga I finally learned how to love myself and my body. I gained the courage to explore traumatic experiences in my life and the inspiration and willingness to work through the aftermath of these experiences.

Kundalini Yoga is medicine—for my mind, my body, and my soul. My mind has never been clearer. My nervous system has never been stronger. And I’ve never felt more prosperous or more connected to myself, to others and to the divine in my entire life.

People spend entire lifetimes trying to find that special pill—that quick fix—that will help them become the people they’ve always dreamed of being. Kundalini Yoga is as close as you’ll get to that experience. It has inspired me to change my life in ways I never imagined possible and I have no doubt that it can do the same for you.



Relationships That Liberate:

A 10-Week Shadow Dive for Women Tired of Being in Shitty Relationships



This season (Autumn) we're doing a relationship deep dive—exploring liberation in relationships of every kind. Romantic partners. Colleagues. Sex buddies. Family. Friendships. The relationship you have with your Self. And we're looking at the ways systems of oppression (like capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, etc) have shaped the way we view, experience and act within them. 

Yeah, we're going deep.

It's big work—but it's worth it—and if you're into it, I'd love to have you join us.




The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is a private social networking site (and app!) for soulful, diverse, purpose-driven women carving unconventional paths to liberation.

Use our desktop site or mobile app to:

🙋🏽‍ Meet and build meaningful relationships with other brave, diverse, socially conscious, passionate, and spiritually minded women, like you.

🦋 Explore what liberation means and looks like for you in a variety of different areas of life including: your relationships, sexuality, body, career, finances, lifestyle, and more.

🎟 Access live events, monthly courses, group coaching sessions, weekly moon circles, in-person meet-ups and exclusive content and conversations about liberation you can’t find anywhere else.

🧘🏻‍ Learn more about Kundalini Yoga and how to create and maintain a daily yoga & meditation practice (sadhana) that will keep your mental health and nervous system in tip top shape

💡 Find inspiration, encouragement and thought-provoking conversations everyday to keep you focused, motivated and inspired to create and live a life that you absolutely love.


Dismantling Guru Culture in the Self-Help Industry


The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is a guru-free zone. As the facilitator of the space, I offer workshops, courses, events and resources birthed from my own lived experiences to support you on your path to liberation. However, at the end of the day, I’m a super user of this space, just like you. Everyone who joins the community has just as much to share about life, love and liberation as I do—actually, probably even more—and The Aquarian Woman Freedom School empowers you to do just that.

In Freedom School, we value sharing experiences over giving advice. Advice has a way of shutting down conversation and invoking intense feelings of shame and guilt for the receiver. Instead, we want our conversations (yes, even the tough ones) to feel expansive, open, and full of possibility.

So, instead of giving advice, we invite you to share the story of your latest sex-capade, offer the book that got you through your last breakup, tell the tale of how you reconciled with your mother, post your go-to mantra for getting through the work day. We’d love to get the inside scoop on what’s working (and not working) for you.



We believe that healing services and spaces should be accessible and affordable to all.

That’s why The Aquarian Woman Freedom School is now $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

In addition, you the opportunity to join our community at zero risk to you on a 7-day free trial. If after that you decide that Freedom School is not for you, no problem. You can cancel your membership at anytime.



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