Daily Horoscope for the Moon in Gemini | May 5-8, 2019

Daily Horoscope for the Moon in Gemini

May 5 - 8, 2019



This is your daily, lunar horoscope for May 5-8, 2019. During this period, the Moon is in Gemini, an active mutable air sign with a ton of restless energy. 

Coming off of the New Moon in Taurus, this is the time to clarify your intentions even further by creating a roadmap for their manifestation. Be mindful of who you share your blueprints with—not everyone can hold space for you the way you may want or need them to.

Instead, spend your energy with the Divine. Communicate your intentions to Her. Write to Her. Speak to Her. Practice the kundalini “Meditation for Divine Flow” in my meditation library to develop a deeper connection to Her—the creative power and source of all things. 

Waxing Crescent

In its waxing crescent phase, the Moon asks us to nurture the intentions we planted during the new moon so they can take root. Use the Gemini influence over communication to your advantage by putting pen to paper. Write letters to the Universe describing exactly what it is you wish to call into your life. Share all your fears and doubts with the Divine and ask Her to help you transform them into courage and unwavering faith. 

Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars and square Neptune in Pisces

With the Moon conjunct Mars and square Neptune, the Universe is advising us to keep our dreams close to our heart, at least for now. Manifesting is tricky business. It takes a lot of faith and emotional courage to move forward in pursuit of a dream when we have no tangible proof it will turnout the way we imagine it. Honour this phase of the manifesting process as a tender and vulnerable one; one that can be derailed by other people’s opinions, judgements and snarky comments. Protect your vision at all costs. 

Moon in Gemini sextile Venus in Aries

Manifesting is a co-creative process between you and the Universe. Just because you say you want something doesn’t mean it will be delivered to you on a silver platter. You’ve gotta put some work in too, boo. Harness your powers of attraction by assuming the energy of that which you desire. In other words, consider how you will feel once your vision becomes reality. Then, do something simple everyday to elicit that same feeling. Bottom line? Follow the joy and it will be returned to you ten-fold. 

Moon in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius

The New Moon in Taurus asked us to reflect on our quality of life in the material world. Do you feel secure? Are you financially stable? Are you able to enjoy life? These are the questions that we have been asked to consider.

Now, we are being confronted with what seems like an impossible choice—our desire for security or our desire for freedom, growth and expansion. Here’s the thing: there are times in our life when boundaries are necessary. Boundaries create structure. They offer a container for growth that is focused, disciplined and sure to yield results. Choosing to build your resources and strengthen your foundations in the material world, does not mean that you cannot be free. It means you’ve chosen to be free, just not at the expense of your ability to keep a roof over your head.


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