Taurus Season 2019

Taurus Season 2019




12:11am ET - Venus enters Aries

Venus, planet of love, pleasure and relationships, enters brave, spontaneous, self-oriented Aries on April 20th, inviting us to explore our relationship with our selves. Here you may find yourself attracting experiences that challenge you to see yourself in a new light and, perhaps even, to love yourself in a new way. Venus in Aries challenges us to be assertive about our happiness.  

4:56am ET - Sun enters Taurus

It’s Taurus season, baby! The astrological time of year when you get to focus on what you're building and how what you're building is contributing to your sense of both inner and outer security. 

As a fixed, earth sign, Taurus is a creature of comfort and habit, which also makes this the perfect season to take a close look at your attachments, ability to change, and willingness to let go and move on. 


2:48pm ET - Pluto Rx in Capricorn

On the 24th, Pluto, the planet of transformation, commences its 5 month retrograde in Capricorn, giving us an opportunity to reflect on how we cope with changes outside of our control. This includes life and death cycles, as well as global changes that impact everything from the economy, to international relations, immigration and the environment.  This retrograde asks us to explore our concept of power and become conscious of the ways in which we seek to reclaim our power in the moments when we’re left feeling completely powerless.


8:54pm ET - Saturn Rx in Capricorn

Finally on the 29th, Saturn retrogrades alongside Pluto in its home sign of Capricorn to help you re-evaluate and possibly restructure the foundations (i.e., rules, belief systems, goals/ambitions, root conditionings) on which you have built your life. Over the next 5 months consider: Do these foundations align with who you are and who you are becoming? Or are they just serving as barriers that limit your personal power?


6:45pm ET - New Moon at 14 degrees of Taurus

This month kicks off with the New Moon in Taurus. A time of new beginnings and re-commitments, the Taurus New Moon asks you to consider this one question before planting any seeds of intention: What are you building? 

Take this weekend to reflect on your values — your perceived values (i.e., the ones that live in your mind) and the ones that you actively pursue, consciously or not. Our values dictate where we spend our time, energy, and money and thus, will shed a light on the kind of life we are manifesting should we continue down this path. 

Additionally, this New Moon is perfect for financial planning, adding more stability to your life, building self-worth, treating yourself (luxuriating), exploring sensuality, and working on your relationship with your body.


2:26pm ET - Mercury enters Taurus

In astrology, Mercury represents the mind and when it’s in Taurus, it challenges us to think, learn, and make decisions slowly, pragmatically, thoroughly, and methodically. If this doesn’t come easy to you, Kundalini Yoga offers many breathing techniques to help you build patience and slow the mind down so you can enjoy the benefits of this transit. 

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5:46am - Venus enters Taurus

On May 15th, Venus enters Taurus, showing us the value in living comfortably—especially when we’re addicted to the narrative that our level of worthiness depends on how badly we’ve struggled. Taurus is here to challenge you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You’ve worked hard. Give yourself a break. Go ‘head and live your best life. 

11:10pm - Mars enters Cancer

On May 15th, just 3 days after Mother’s Day, Mars enters Cancer inviting us to direct our energy towards nurturing the self and caring for others. Mars in Cancer also inspires us to be direct with our loved ones, act on our intuition, and be assertive about our feelings. However, be mindful that that assertion doesn’t turn into aggression—lashing out and resorting to emotional manipulation in order to get what you want. 


5:11pm - Full Moon at 27 degrees of Scorpio 

Intense. Brooding. All consuming. This Full Moon promises to illuminate the darkest, most hidden parts of our subconscious so that  it can be brought up to the surface to be healed. Breathe. 

The Full Moon is a time a completion and endings—an opportunity to close out one chapter of our lives so that a new one can begin. It’s a good time to release any grudges or emotional baggage you’ve been holding on to and forgive yourself for the ways you may have lashed out and treated others as a way to avoid feeling powerless in situations that were completely outside of your control. Turn over anything that you’re obsessing over to the Universe and let her do her thing. 

The Full Moon can also a time of celebration and fulfillment — an opportunity to give thanks for all experiences, teachings, and lessons that have helped you grow. What have you learned about jealousy and possessiveness? Emotional courage and honesty? Power and control? These are all important lessons with a Scorpio Full Moon.


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