Weekly Horoscope for May 6 - 12, 2019

Weekly Horoscope for May 6 - 12, 2019



Here are the messages from the Universe for the week of May 6-12. I hope they serve you in some sweet way. 

May 6 

Mercury enters Taurus (until May 21)

With the messenger planet entering slow and steady Taurus, the Divine is asking us avoid making any rash decisions over the next two weeks. When presented with an opportunity, take your time exploring your options. Be practical about your capacities. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you don’t have the time or energy, don’t say you do. Tune into the wisdom of your body. Use your senses to help you make your decisions. 

Mercury in Taurus is also bringing to our attention our relationship with the material world and how secure we feel within it. Taurus represents that part of you that wants you to be comfortable and enjoy all the luxuries that the material world has to offer. It wants you to feel secure — externally and internally. 

This is a good time to create a financial plan and to become more conscious of your money spending habits. Consider: are your spending habits reflecting your values? Are you investing in the people, businesses and communities that you believe in? Do all the material possessions you’ve acquired make you happy? Or do you feel like something is still missing? Is your sense of self-worth affected by how much money you make or how productive you are? Is there an opportunity to begin chipping away at an internalized capitalist belief system that was never meant to serve you? These are all important questions to explore while Mercury is in Taurus. 

May 7

Venus in Aries square Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn at 20 degrees

When Venus (goddess of love and pleasure) squares off with the great disciplinarian, Saturn, the Universe is giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship between work and play.

If you feel like your responsibilities (be it work, family, or otherwise) are getting in the way of having a social life, the Divine wants you to find a way to be more assertive about your need to have fun. If, on the other hand, your social life is making it difficult for you to handle your responsibilities, the Universe is insisting that you do some “adulting” so you can take care of business and build your life on solid foundations. 

May 8

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 3 degrees

The message from this transit is clear: be open to thinking in new ways or perceiving a situation differently than you normally would. With the Taurus influence, this is a good time to think differently about your values and sense of security. If you tend to be influenced by other people’s opinions, this is good week to explore what it means to "think for yourself" and to trust your own opinions. 

Mercury conjunct Uranus wants us to expect the unexpected. Be open to having conversations with others, even if you hate small talk. You never know with Uranus—an unexpected opportunity may just fall on your lap. 

Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces at 18 degrees

When was the last time you performed an act of selfless service—when you offered someone your time, energy or expertise in exchange for nothing in return? If it’s been a while, the Universe wants you to explore the concept of interdependence and spend some time helping someone out this week. 

If your energy is low, take this as a sign to focus more on the yin within. In other words: spend time alone; nurture yourself; meditate; consider how you may be taking your energy and vitality for granted; reflect on where you’re spending your energy and re-arrange your priorities, if necessary.

May 9

Venus in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius at 23 degrees

For the love of God, give yourself permission to have some fun! We only get one life in this body, so enjoy it while it’s here. Text the people you vibe with most and spend some time with them. Indulge, be honest about you want and, if you feel like it, do something spontaneous. Most importantly, try and do it all without being reckless or a jerk. Pleasure can be conscious, my friends. 

Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn at 23 degrees

If you’re finding it difficult to let yourself feel good this week, you are not alone. As womxn surviving in a (predominantly) patriarchal world, we’re fed a million different messages about pleasure—many of which are negative and meant to control us by projecting guilt and shame onto us. But, not today! 

Today, the Universe wants you to liberate yourself from the shackles of shame and follow that which makes you happiest. Follow the joy, boo, and don’t let anyone stop you. 

May 11

Sun in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn at 20 degrees

The final message from the Divine this week is about accountability and accepting responsibility. Specifically, we're being asked to accept the realities, limitations and boundaries we need to place on our selves in order to make progress and move ahead. 

Growth requires both the destruction and the implementation of boundaries in order to expand. Sometimes boundaries hinder us from moving forward, and sometimes they provide the necessary structure to support our evolution. This week, consider the places in your life where you could use some more structure or perhaps a stronger dose of reality. Use that reality to level up and take responsibility for your present. You’ve got this.


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