How To Love Your Body Every Day

Monday January 1, 2018  •  Body & Wellness


One of the biggest misconceptions about the practice of body positivity is that if you work hard enough at accepting yourself, one day you'll just wake up and love everything about you. 

I've been on this path of self-love and acceptance for nearly a decade now and let me tell you, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Don't get me wrong — the majority of my experiences with my body are positive. I have way more love for myself now than I did ten years ago and the love just keeps growing. However, every now and then I have a slip up and when I do, I turn to my massive toolbox of tips and techniques to help me get back on path. The reality is, self-acceptance is a choice you make. Every day. Every hour. Every moment. The society we live in makes constant judgement and criticism of our selves and our bodies the norm, which means it's easy and it comes naturally to us. The real work is to find and commit to a new way of being — which brings us to today's topic...

A few years ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw a post by Elizabeth Gilbert. In this post she talked about her "happiness jar" — a jar she fills up every year with daily reminders of joyful moments she's experienced. I remember reading this post and thinking "That's a cool idea. What if, instead of focusing on happiness, I focused on self-love and body acceptance?" 

At that point in my life I was pretty good at gratitude and being present for the joyful moments that occur throughout my day.  What I wasn't so great at was feeling happy with my body just as it was. So I got a jar — actually a fishbowl — called it my "Body Appreciation Jar" and committed to writing something loving about my body every single day for one whole year. At the end of the year I had 365 reasons why my body is magnificent, magical, and completely deserving of love and affection. 

So my tip for you today?

Start your own Body Appreciation Jar and get into the habit of scribbling down something you appreciate about your body every single day. Energy flows where attention goes so stop focusing on all the ways your body is wrong — which is boring and hella basic anyway — and start paying attention to all the ways your body is and always has been so magical, on purpose, and cosmically created. 

Sat Nam. 

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