Solar Return Reading

Solar Return Reading


Every year, the transiting Sun returns to the same sign, degree and minute of your natal Sun (i.e., where the Sun was located at the time of your birth). This invigorates and revitalizes the Sun’s energy and sets the direction and foundation for the year ahead.

In this reading, Demetria will give you insight into the major themes for the year ahead, including: which areas of life will be emphasized; where opportunities for spiritual growth, prosperity, and overall fulfillment will be available; what challenges or problems may be experienced, why, and specific strategies for overcoming them.

The reading will be broken down into the following areas: Major Themes/Chart Overview, Love & Relationships, Livelihood & Lifestyle (i.e., Money, Career & Fun), and Body & Wellness.

IMPORTANT: All readings are confidential, recorded as a custom video, and delivered via email within 20 days of purchase. An accurate date, time and location of birth is required to draw and interpret your birth chart. Please note, if the birth time (or any other information) provided is incorrect, the interpretation may not be accurate and the reading will not be refunded.

DISCLAIMER: All readings are done with the understanding that the client has free will and is responsible for the actions taken after their reading.

PRICING DISCLAIMER: All prices are in USD.

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