The Aquarian Woman's Guide to Kundalini Yoga

The Aquarian Woman's Guide to Kundalini Yoga


Are you new to kundalini yoga?

Do you wonder what it’s about or how it can help you?

In this 70-page guidebook, I share answers to my most frequently asked questions about kundalini yoga. Questions like:

  • What is kundalini yoga?

  • How exactly does kundalini yoga improve physical wellness?

  • Is kundalini yoga dangerous?

  • What is a kundalini awakening and what should I do if I’m experiencing one?

I even go over the basic techniques we use in kundalini yoga and give you access to video tutorials so you can practice alongside me in real time. You’ll learn:

  • The point of “tuning in” and how to do it correctly

  • How breathwork promotes emotional stability and overall wellnes

  • The difference between kriya and asana

  • The purpose behind bandhas or body locks

  • Why focusing the eyes in a meditation or posture really does matter.

  • The reason we use mudra (or hand postures) in kundalini yoga

  • The 3 stages of discipline and why sadhana (a daily spiritual practice) is so important

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