I believe that love is what makes liberation possible. 

That's why I speak about self-love and compassion, courage and vulnerability, spirituality and living from center.

For the activists and the seekers. The hurt people and the healers.
The pragmatists and the feelers.

In high schools and post-secondary institutions.
In women's circles and yoga studios.
On stages and panel discussions. At rallies and demonstrations. 
In organizations and cozy living room spaces. 

I'm here to serve. 


Here's how I can best serve you and your community:



  • Preventing Activist Burnout / Building Activist Energy

  • Addressing Burnout Culture within Activist Organizations

  • Building a Community Care Framework within Organizing Spaces

  • Compassionate Conversations: A Heart Centered Approach to Conflict Resolution

  • Burnout Intervention: Compassionate Strategies For Supporting Friends and Colleagues Through Burnout

  • Kundalini Yoga for Activists / Breathwork Meditations for boosting wellness within organizing spaces and activist organizations

  • Yoga, Love & Justice: A Workshop on Conscious Activism, Embodiment & Redefining "Oneness" in Spiritual Communities

Everyday Liberation Workshops

  • Embodiment Matters: A Body Confidence, Acceptance, and Liberation Workshop for Women

  • Kundalini for All: Creating Accessible, Body Positive Classes for People of All Identities, Sizes & Abilities

  • Reclaiming Our Bodies, Our Experiences, Our Lives: Overcoming Trauma Through (Kundalini) Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga for Stress Reduction

  • Kundalini Yoga for Brown Bodies / Kundalini Yoga for Abundant Bodies (i.e., curvy/larger/thick/heavy/fat bodies)

  • Emotional Wellness Workshops (i.e., navigating grief, depression, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, etc)

  • How to Make a Living Doing What You're Meant to Do

  • Love That Liberates: Finding Liberation Through Romance, Intimacy, and Vulnerability

  • The Art of Making Empowering Decisions


All topics can be adapted to be (kundalini) yoga sessions, workshops, presentations, or keynote speeches and can be tailored to the unique needs of your group, organization or audience. If you don’t see a topic that quite meets your needs but think it aligns with my expertise, let me know. Pitch your idea to me in the form below and let's see if we can make some magic happen.