You Do Not Have To Suffer

Monday March 5, 2018  •  Encouragement


you do not have to suffer. 

It is not mandatory nor is it a rite of passage for the healed.

Yes it’s human nature but, much like happiness, suffering is a choice you make.

The unconscious suffer because they don’t know any other way. So do the guilty, the ashamed, and the afraid.

You do not have to suffer. 

Try compassion instead of punishment and self-judgement when you make a mistake.

Embrace the power of your truth in moments when you’re tempted to maintain your silence.

Soak up the love and support of your sisters and community because although it may feel like it, you never have to “go it alone”.


You do not have to suffer. 

So, shift your perspective.

Believe something different.

Make a different choice.

And set yourself free.

In this video, I share my favourite kundalini mantra for healing. Mantras are divine incantations that have been used for centuries to rewire the brain, elevate consciousness, and uplift our spirits. They are sacred sound currents that dissolve the parts of our ego that obstruct all truth and prevent us from perceiving and acting from our authentic Self. Suffering is a vibrational frequency that we can choose to tune into. So is joy and happiness and peace and love. I share this mantra in the hopes that it helps you find peace in the painful times you may be in. Sat Nam.

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