I believe that divination is a powerful tool for liberation.

When we connect to the Divine within, above, and all around us, we are set free from attachments, insecurities and ancient wounds that keep us suffering. Divination allows us to see clearly, shift our perspective and validate what we already know in our soul is true. If there’s an aspect of yourself you want to learn more about; a pattern you can’t seem to shake; a need that you feel never gets met; a restlessness that you don’t know how to cure; or a major life decision you need to make, we can get to the bottom of it.

I offer two types of tarot readings:


General reading

When you purchase a general reading, I’ll lay out a 9 to 12 card spread for you that will give you the clarity and insight you need to move forward in the area of life that’s most pressing for you. This reading will be pre-recorded (video) and delivered via email within 10 days of purchase.


CUSTOM reading

An custom reading includes everything outlined in the general reading plus a 5-10 minute astrological analysis of your birth chart and any major transits that impact the situation you’re seeking clarity and guidance on. This reading will be pre-recorded (video) and delivered via email within 20 days of purchase.


About My Readings

My readings are grounded in love, humility, and a deep sense of gratitude for the people that I am working with. They are also grounded in feminist, transformative and healing justice practices, which means that I am constantly searching for new ways to translate problematic interpretations that reinforce or uphold patriarchal, capitalist, colonial, heterosexist, and ableist systems, into loving interpretations that make my clients feel safe and affirmed and validated in their experience.

If you're looking for someone to predict your future or "fortune tell", I'm definitely not that person. I don't give predictions because I don't believe in pre-determined futures. Instead, I offer intuitive readings that give you perspective on your current situation, and insight into what you can do next to ensure the best possible outcome in your situation. With any reading, you always have free will which allows you take the advice or disregard it. Nothing is inevitable. 

Whether you're looking for quick guidance on a situation, regular insight from the ancestors, or perspective on your money, relationships, or health, there's a message for you. All you have to do is ask.