Love & praise

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sweet words from past clients


❝ My practice with Demetria has been simply AMAZING. Through a combination of her yoga classes and her Kundalini prescriptions my life has completely transformed. Every day I feel stronger and stronger and I have shed layers of emotional baggage that was keeping me completely stuck in my life. I feel lighter, freer and more empowered then I have ever been and I am so grateful to have found her and her classes. She is a gifted teacher and when she says to expect miracles, she means it :) ❞

— Mindy Yi



❝ Demetria took me on one of the most eye-opening and life-changing rides of my life. After only a few weeks of working with her, I noticed a great shift. I went from thinking 'I don't know how to cope' to 'I can do this, I'm strong'. Demetria helped me expand my way of thinking to better understand and solve my struggles. She guided me with love, compassion and patience, and helped me discover the treasures that reside in me. What I love, what makes me tick, what I value in life - they all came to the surface for me to see. 

Now I know exactly what I want, and most importantly I know how to get it. Thanks to a structured game plan Demetria helped me develop, I stopped making excuses and began creating the life I've always wanted. I'll be eternally grateful to her. ❞

— Melissa Alvarado



❝ Demetria is a natural! I happened to stumble upon her website by way of a comment she left on someone else's website and I'm so happy that it was divinely ordered for us to meet! After connecting with Demetria about my goals and desires for the new year, she encouraged me to dig deeper and asked me a lineup of questions that made me look at my practice from a different perspective. This was profound for me because it gave me the opportunity to really acknowledge and appreciate how I am already contributing to the collective consciousness! Demetria then took me to the next level by suggesting that I create 10 one liners that expressed why my services are so important. After going through Demetria's processes, I came away stronger and more confident about my role as a Vibrational Alignment Coach! Demetria's down to earth personality made it easy for me to open up, dig deep and learn more about myself! ❞

- Ife Damon, Vibrational Alignment Coach



❝ Before coaching with Demetria, I was feeling pretty hopeless about a lot of things. I was struggling with intimacy and I was in a cycle of hooking up with people that I didn't respect or didn't respect me. I was also working at a job that wasn't feeding me in a way that I needed to be fed. Demetria gave me the confidence I needed to quit my job, stop procrastinating on my studies, and start making out with really amazing people. Coaching with Demetria made me realize that life is short so I gotta do the things. My experience with her was transformative and I would recommend Demetria to anyone looking for a bad ass coach. ❞

— Shabina LaFleur-Gangji



❝ Before I started coaching with Demetria, I needed help. I was confused because I had this conflict between my heart and my head. In my heart, I knew that I was an artist - that art is the one thing that makes me feel alive - but my head would stop me from believing it. It was like I needed to rationalize that it was okay to do what was natural to me. Demetria helped me to give myself permission to do all of the things that I've always wanted to do without feeling guilty about it. I've learned that I can actually get the things that I want out of life; they don't just have to be dreams or nice-to-haves on a bucket list that I never plan to act on. My coaching experience with Demetria was awesome! ❞

— Beth Brown



❝ When I first started working with Demetria, I had recently graduated from university, moved back home with my parents, was looking for a job (but didn't have one yet), and was struggling to figure out what my next move was. Within no time, Demetria had me developing a communication strategy for my family to help me cope with the all too common I-have-to-move-back-home-with-my-parents-but-I-need-my-space scenario that twenty-somethings face. 

Demetria honestly believes that whatever you want in life, you can get it and she isn't afraid to push you past your comfort zone to get you to believe it too. I told her that I wanted to start my own organization one day, and within a couple of weeks, she helped me get clear on my purpose, my niche, and worked with me to create a one-year development plan. 

Thank you so much, Demetria, for the opportunity. I've already started recommending some of my friends and peers to you! ❞

— Laura Opoku