Body Acceptance Made Easy


Whether you're just starting your journey towards self-love and body acceptance or have been on this path for years, my new series of body positive videos will give you plenty of tips and tools to deepen your practice. Watch these videos and learn how to release body shame, build resilience and finally make peace with your body.


003. How To Feel Confident Eating In Public

In this vlog, I answer a question from one of my subscribers who asked if I had any tips for building the courage to eat in public as a person in a bigger body. If you've ever declined an invitation to go out for a meal with friends or feel triggered in a restaurant environment, this vlog is the vlog for you. 


002. Child's pose for bigger bodies

In most yoga classes balasana (child's pose) is often used as a resting pose between more active poses. However, if you're in a bigger body and/or have knee constraints then you know there's nothing restful about this pose when practiced the traditional way. In this tutorial, I share simple prop and prop-free ways to modify this pose for your magnificent body.



Do you find yourself constantly criticizing your body? Do you wish it looked and/or functioned better than it does right now? In this video, I share a simple, yet effective daily practice for encouraging body love. 


000. welcome to body acceptance made easy

In this video I introduce myself, my new body positive video series, and offer some insight into what you can expect from me — in terms of content — over the next several months.